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Loyola Parents Share!

Lee and Anne Colpi (son Nicholas, ’08)


As parents of six children, my wife and I have always tried to be as involved in their education as we were able.  We both believe that our involvement positively influenced our children’s enthusiasm and ultimate educational outcome.  In 2004, when our son Nicholas, who is the fifth child and youngest son in the family, decided that he wanted to attend Loyola Chicago, we were asked by one of the Jesuit priests at Loyola if we would consider being a part of a parent “think-tank”, and we jumped at the chance.  Although our son graduated from Loyola in 2008, we are still a part of the Parent Leadership Council at Loyola and have found so much enjoyment from interacting with new parents of Loyola students.

Our son Nicholas went to a Jesuit high school in Connecticut and was used to his parent’s involvement in grade school and high school, but when it came to college, this gave my  wife and me a chance to remain involved, in some way, with the school. Our son Nicholas saw this parent-school connection throughout his life and, he, too, became very involved with his Loyola community, working with homeless shelters near the Loyola campus throughout his four years at Loyola.  Since graduation from Loyola, Nicholas has worked as a psych-social worker in mental health facilities in Connecticut as well as Chicago.  He is getting ready to go back to Loyola for a graduate degree and we are very proud of him, as well as all of our children.

Our work with the Parents’ Leadership Council has given us an opportunity to interact with the parents of incoming students, offering perspectives, advice, and expectations as needed.  Our Loyola experience for our son was amazing mainly because we became involved not only in our son’s curriculum, but also in the betterment of Loyola and its image to the parents of the students and the surrounding community. 

Sharing ideas about parent-involvement activities and interaction that offer support and development are always needed.  The Jesuit community at Loyola, along with the entire staff, wants each student to have a remarkable experience at Loyola.  Involvement is the key, whether the student is a dorm resident, off-campus living or Chicago resident commuting on a daily basis.  When parents are involved, the university exposure is so much more important.  This positive feeling is exponentially rewarded when parents or guardians take an interest in campus, curriculum and overall culture of their Loyola student’s environment, focusing on developing a two-way, family-school communication.

We can only speak for ourselves when we say that we are very happy that we said, “YES” to being a part of such an important parent’s initiative at Loyola.  It has been over nine years since we’ve been working in such a capacity with the parents’ council at Loyola.  Over the years we’ve spoken to so many anxious parents, offered advice and answered questions the best we could.  There is no question that our children are fortunate to receive a Loyola University Jesuit education.  I truly believe that our involvement was beneficial to our son’s overall college experience and made a difference to the ever-growing perspective and image of Loyola.  And, ultimately, in our own small way, we have added to the family-felt pride that Loyola parents receive knowing that they’ve made the right decision sending their most valuable assets to Loyola Chicago.  I would urge parents of Loyola students to think about becoming involved in the Parent’s Leadership Council…and I can personally guarantee that they will receive much more from the effort than they can ever imagine.  –Lee Colpi

Kari Logan (daughter Britt, '13)
A Loyola Mom story

“I'm a proud mom of a Loyola graduate who is now in your graduate program in criminology. I want to share a Loyola Mom story with you.....

I arrived at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport the morning of Thursday, January 9th in plenty of time to catch my plane to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the airport was unusually busy and I found myself standing in an eternally long security line. It was 8:35am and my plane was leaving at 9:00. Panicked, I suddenly met a woman wearing a badge of honor, a proud Loyola Mom sweatshirt! She was standing a row ahead of me and she and her freshman daughter were heading to few days in the sun before heading back to Loyola for the start of the semester.

We talked about our daughters and how much we all love Loyola and then she sensed my panic as she noticed me looking at my watch. When I told her that my plane was leaving at 9am, without hesitation, she invited me to move ahead of her in line, allowing me to get to my gate just 5 minutes before the closed the door!

Mothers send their kids to Loyola for many reasons, but the one that stood out to me that morning has to do with care and support. We are a community of faith, love and service to others and it begins with "Father G" and flows down to faculty, staff, students and parents.

I didn't get my fellow Loyola Mom's name that morning, but I want to say a sincere, "thank you" for your act of kindness and I hope to see you on campus soon!”

-Kari Logan


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